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Host your next event at Bayfront Naples!

Strategically located on Naples Bay where Goodlette Frank meets 41 in downtown Naples, there is nothing modest about this upscale oasis.  Bayfront’s colorful European architecture is an eye catching and memorable landmark in Old Naples. Strolling on brick-laden pathways lead to rare finds in the galleries and shops coupled with the impeccable cuisine of the restaurants take the Bayfront experience to a new level.  The restaurants’ gourmet fare is complimented by an atmosphere ranging from informal to lavish, depending on the diner’s mood or taste. The shops are detailed in exquisite woodwork, imported stone, artistic displays and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable representatives to complete the “total” shopping experience.

Whether you arrive by car or boat, any time is the right time to visit Bayfront. Creating the perfect setting is a mark of quality, so Bayfront merchants share one common goal: to create an aura of impeccable taste and deliver it to you with style. Because a memorable trip means every sense should be indulged, Bayfront has a team of highly trained maintenance professionals who discreetly preserve the aesthetics of the property. You’ll notice white-glove service is a standard. And the shaded courtyards and immense water fountains will become the scene for many of your intimate conversations and group gatherings. So whether you come to shop, dine or play, Bayfront is your passport to the high life.

Contact us today for more information about hosting your next event at Bayfront!

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464 Bayfront Place, Naples, FL 34102

PH: 239-331-7371  FAX: 239-300-4881

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